An AV performance exploring the body’s violent reaction to stage fright

Premiered at the Cube cinema, Bristol, 2019

Using 16mm projections, an old ultrasonic heartbeat monitor, a looper and a modular synthesiser.

The heartbeat clocks the synth and is sent through thick melodic filters and heavy delay, slowly building up tunes and rhythms. The piece wavers between the trance-like to the uncomfortable, and is always on the verge of collapse. Due to the nature of the altered, found footage used in the projector, the huge graphic images may stick and snap in the machine, adding to the precarious atmosphere shared and exchanged between audience and performer.

Excerpt from film about Young Echo at the Cube, 2019. Shot by Paulina Korobkiewicz.

This above performance at Cube Cinema had Bridget Schurch AKA SUNUN manning the delay


Young Echo at Cube Cinema, Bristol 2019

The Sound Cupboard, Crofters Rights, 2020

The Fish Factory, Penryn, 2020

Rhizom festival, Switzerland 5th June 2022